Tolerating Islamic Extremism: London Bridge Attacker Appeared in Jihad Documentary, Authorities Knew About It

Posted: Jun 05, 2017 2:00 PM

In the wake of the latest Islamic terror attack in London, law enforcement authorities have conducted a number of raids in the city in hopes of cleaning up a cell. Twelve suspects were arrested overnight after three terrorists wearing fake suicide vests ran over pedestrians on the London Bridge, killing seven innocent people. Just yesterday an 18th suspect connected to the Manchester suicide bombing was taken into custody. 

But as is the case in many of these incidents, authorities were well aware of exactly who at least one of the bridge attackers was. After all, he was the main feature in a widely aired documentary called "The Jihadis Next Door." From The Telegraph

It has also emerged one of the London Bridge suspected attackers appeared in a jihadi documentary on Channel 4 and had previously "tried to go to Syria".

He appeared in a television documentary last year about British extremists called The Jihadis Next Door, and was filmed at events attended by two notorious Islamic preachers.

As part of a year-long undercover documentary that aired last January, he was filmed attending one event alongside Mohammed Shamsuddin, who has warned that “Sharia is coming to the UK” and that the black flag of Islam will fly over Downing Street.

Shamsuddin said that his views were “moulded” by the hate preacher Omar Bakri - the Tottenham Ayatollah - who is now in jail in Lebanon for supporting terrorism. Shamsuddin was arrested on terror charges in 2014 on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and being a member of al-Muhajiroun, an extreme radical Islamist organisation that openly supported al–Qaeda, sent men out to fight in Syria and was said to have influenced the murderers of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Another terrorist, Rachid Redouane, was named Monday afternoon. The name of the third jihadist who carried out the attack has not been released.