Sebastian Gorka is Not a Nazi

Posted: May 02, 2017 4:30 PM

For weeks, the left has been waging an all out assault on Sebastain Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump and member of the National Security Council. The attacks have been printed in media across the internet and promoted by Democrat lawmakers on Capitol Hill. 

Gorka, an immigrant from communist Hungary and proud American citizen, is a staunch opponent of radical Islam and the political correctness that feeds it. Because of this position, in addition to his father having fought against the communist government in his former country, the left has classified him as a Nazi. Many have also called for his citizenship to be stripped. 

Democrat Congresswoman Nita Lowey, and many like her, has piled on the false attacks and character assassination. She's done so despite admitting she has no evidence to prove Gorka is an anti-Semite or was ever affiliated with a Nazi organization as many on the left have claimed. From an interview with NPR:

INSKEEP: You mentioned a number of groups there, one of them Vitezi Rend. That was reported by The Forward. And they talked with members of the group who said of course Sebastian Gorka is a member. But he's rejected these allegations as a hatchet job. Without getting too deeply into the historical details, do you have any evidence that he holds anti-Semitic views?

LOWEY: Well, very often, you hire people - whether it's the White House or it's in my staff - you look at their past support, and you look at their actions. So I have never met the man. I haven't interrogated the man. But if you look at his past ties and the fact that he doesn't have the kind of credentials you would expect to see in a person at the White House - as one of the founders and a co-chair of the Bipartisan Task Force For Combating Anti-Semitism, I really was very shocked that he has achieved a position in the White House.

European Union commissioner Tibor Navracsic has evidence proving the opposite. He's known Gorka for years and recently defended his record in The Hill

Sebastian Gorka, a man who has spent his life battling fascists and anti-Semites of all sorts and is serving in the administration of American President Donald Trump, is being subjected to heinous attacks accusing him of fascist and anti-Semitic sympathies by opponents of Trump.

Politics can be a metaphorical “knife fight” at times, with the stakes often being very high. Nevertheless, when a man’s reputation is attacked purely for political gain in ways that pervert the broader historic record, then it is in all our interests to cry “Foul!” Otherwise the quality of our democracy will suffer in ways that hurt all of us.

This is why I am compelled to respond to the false accusations against Sebastian Gorka.

I first met Mr. Gorka shortly after Central Europe had liberated itself from under the yolk of 40 years of dictatorship. Raised in the West to parents who had escaped dictatorship in the glorious days of the Revolution of 1956, he had decided to move to post-communist Hungary to help politically rebuild the nation and re-anchor the country to the Western community of nations.

After the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001, gave Sebastian even greater prominence as one of the few people who could explain what 9/11 meant not only to America but her European allies, he once again stepped forward to help Hungary when the “D-209 scandal” broke a few months later.

After the elections in 2002, it was revealed that the new Socialist prime minister, Péter Medgyessy, had in fact been an officer for the Secret Police. When asked to become a public expert on the parliamentary committee empaneled to investigate the sitting prime minister, a move which I know cost him personally in many ways, he did not refuse.

In fact, he took a very public role, repeatedly expressing his conviction that whether it be former Nazis in Germany after the war or former communists in Central Europe after 1990, the future of democracy depended upon “lustration,” and on a truthful accounting with the past.

That is why the recent media attacks accusing Mr. Gorka of anti-Semitism and ties to fascist groups are all the more disgusting.

Gorka has been defended by a long list of credible people, yet the attacks on his character continue. He's also defended himself with a challenge to those hurling the smears. 

"Every single person holding a placard to protest my parents and myself, I challenge you now: Go away and look at everything I have said an written the last 46 years of my life and find one sentence that is antisemitic or that is anti-Israeli. Because you won’t find it. You’ll find the opposite," Gorka said at the Georgetown Cybersecurity conference last week in Washington D.C. "My book, Defeating Jihad, everything I’ve said on the conference circuit–in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem–tells you why I’m in this administration. Because this is one of the most pro-Israeli administrations in U.S. history. I’m sorry for you. You are the victims of fake news. But I’ll leave with this: I do what I do because I’ve learned that there is a connective tissue between Nazis, Communists, and Jihadists; they are all the same because they are all totalitarians. And if you perpetuate fake news, you are helping the bad guys."

After weeks of berating and a petition campaign on Capitol Hill, Gorka is rumored to be leaving the White House. Whatever his fate may be inside or outside of the Trump administration, he'll serve as an important voice against anti-Semitism and radical Islam.

Disagree with the man on policy, fine, but he isn't a Nazi.