Progressive Organizer Tells Tucker Carlson Trump is Far More Dangerous Than Hitler

Posted: Feb 22, 2017 11:50 AM

Trump derangement syndrome is at full blown, meltdown mode on the left. Alarmingly, even more so than the weeks following President Trump's election in November.

Last night on Fox News, progressive organizer Sunsara Taylor warned the country is a facing an emergency and declared President Trump is "far more dangerous" than...Adolf Hitler.

Fact check: Totally false.

Over to you, Jacob Furedi:

Following Trump's travel ban on refugees and citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries, his presidency has immediately been equated with the rise of Hitler. Perennial-loud-mouthed MP Dennis Skinner has labelled President Trump as a "fascist". On the continent and across the Atlantic, the mayors of Madrid and Philadelphia have both compared Trump to Hitler. Who knew that Ken Livingstone's constant blathering on about Hitler would finally catch on?

However, the most pernicious effect of equating Trump with Hitler is that, ultimately, it risks trivialising the Holocaust. At its most extreme interpretation, Trump wants to stop immigration – a far cry from the genocide committed by the Third Reich.

For some absurd reason, people are still insensitive to the atrocities committed by Hitler's operation. You can visit Auschwitz, where one in six Jews executed in the Holocaust were killed. There, you view the inside a gas chamber first-hand. There, you can see the piles of human hair, glasses and shoes that the Nazis failed to destroy just before they were defeated. The detention of Muslims at JFK airport two weeks ago marked a low-point in US immigration policy, but can we really equate it with Hitler's treatment of the Jews?

When it comes to President Trump, we risk substituting genuine criticism for sensationalism. His policies – whether it be his travel ban or block on US funding for NGO abortion referrals – deserve to be denounced in their own right. Yes, both Hitler and Trump have dodgy haircuts. But that is where the comparisons should end.