Paul Ryan: Regrettably, Roll-Out of Trump's Refugee Executive Order Was Confusing

Posted: Jan 31, 2017 12:00 PM

Speaking Tuesday during a press conference on Capitol Hill, House Speaker Paul Ryan described the roll-out of President Trump's Friday executive order, which places a temporary ban on refugees and visa holders from seven countries identified by the Obama administration as terror hot spots, as "regrettably confusing" while defending the policy. 

"It's regrettable that there was some confusion on the roll-out of this. No one wanted to see people with green cards or special immigrant visas like translators, get caught up in this," Ryan said. 

The White House is defending the roll out of the executive order, saying hold ups at airports were necessary for national security reasons. Homeland Security Secretary James Kelly is expected to explain the new policy Tuesday and instruct immigration agents, businesses and airlines around the country about how to proceed.