Unclear If Trump Will Move The U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Posted: Jan 23, 2017 3:20 PM

As President Trump gets settled into his new role in the Oval Office, it is becoming increasingly unclear if he will go through with his campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

Speaking from the White House briefing room Monday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said there has been no decision on the embassy move.

"We are at the early decisions of this decision making process," Spicer said. "There's no decision."

When asked if the change would occur before the end of Trump's first term, Spicer repeated that no decision had been made.

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly stated the embassy would be moved and over the weekend reiterated his stance on the issue.

"You know that I am not a person who breaks promises," Trump said last week. 

The President had a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend, during which they reportedly didn't speak at length about the embassy move. Trump will meet with Netanyahu at the White House in February.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Freedman will do much of his work in Jerusalem and plans to live in a privately owned apartment in the city.

Earlier this month, Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Dean Heller introduced legislation to officially make the move and recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capitol of the Jewish state.