Bloomberg's Gun Control Lobby Endorses Hillary Clinton; NRA Responds

Posted: Jun 03, 2016 1:35 PM

Michael Bloomberg's gun control lobby Mom's Demand Action and Everytown has officially endorsed anti-gun extremist Hillary Clinton for president. 

"Today, I'm proud to announce that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund are endorsing Hillary Clinton for president of the United States," Mom's Demand Founder Shannon Watts declared in an email Friday. "Last week, the NRA named Hillary Clinton as their biggest threat. And we couldn't agree more. Hillary Clinton wears her 'F' rating from the NRA as a badge of honor, and has shown that she is the only candidate who has the conviction to take on the NRA's extremist worldview of guns everywhere, for anyone, no questions asked. We want to make the 2016 election a historic victory for gun safety -- and prove once and for all that it is a winning political issue." 

The National Rifle Association has issued a response to the endorsement and is ready for a fight. 

“The Second Amendment is on the ballot this November. Hillary Clinton does not believe that law-abiding Americans have the right to use a firearm to protect themselves in their homes. She said the Supreme Court got it wrong in its landmark Heller decision, which held that the Second Amendment guarantees the individual right to keep and bear arms," NRA Political Victory Fund Chairman Chris Cox said in a statement. "Gun control groups are endorsing Hillary Clinton because they believe that she will work to eliminate individual gun ownership in this country."

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has praised mandatory gun confiscation in Australia and Great Britain. During her husband's time in the White House, Clinton called for a $2500 tax on gun dealers.