Of Course: State Department Denies Coverup, Isn't Investigating Whether Other Videos Were Edited

Posted: Jun 02, 2016 1:45 PM

Yesterday State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted that an exchange between Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen and former spokeswoman Victoria Nullen about the Iran deal was deliberately deleted from an archived video. Previously, the State Department said the deletion was simply a technical glitch. The exchange, which Rosen and a producer noticed missing while working on a different story, proves the Obama administration lied about the Iran deal and details surrounding negotiations with the regime.

During an interview on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Kirby attempted to put the incident behind him and said an investigation into whether deletions of sensitive and damning confrontations with other reporters had deliberately occurred has not and will not be opened. Further, Kirby admits a call came into a video editor from a higher official to take out the clip currently embroiled in controversy, but would not reveal who the higher official is while denying the Department is engaged in a coverup. 

Tucker Carlson: How many other videos were edited under Jen Psaki's tenure? Is there a full investigation into that?

Kirby: No there's not. 

Former UN spokesman Richard Grenell isn't buying it.

Over to you, Dana Perino: