Terrific: An Alleged Somali War Criminal Has Been Working as a Guard For Dulles Airport Near Washington D.C.

Posted: Jun 01, 2016 4:37 PM

Dulles International Airport is a quick 40 minute drive from Washington D.C. and is used by diplomats and leaders from around the world to enter the United States. You can fly nearly anywhere in the world from Dulles. 

But according to an investigative report done by CNN, an alleged Somali war criminal accused of torture and other heinous crimes, has been working as a guard at the airport for years. Did he fly under the radar? Nope. Immigration and Customs has knows all about him. In fact, he was deported from Canada for his war crime history. 


The United States has steadily increased the number of refugees allowed into the country from Somalia in recent years.

H/T to Free Beacon for grabbing the report.