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Veteran leftist and Yahoo News Anchor Katie Couric, with help from her friends at Bloomberg's gun control organizations and her producer Stephanie Soechtig, is out with a new "documentary" called Under the Gun. Couric has been making press rounds for weeks, promoting the film as fair, accurate and factual. Today, that was blown out of the water and the film has been exposed as a fraud. 

The Free Beacon's Stephen Gutowski just busted Couric for deceptively editing an interview with gun owners from the Virginia Citizens Defense League. How? She asked them questions, they gave good answers and therefore, she had to destroy them. Instead of showing their answers, Couric and her film team intentionally edited the interview to make them look like unhelpful, uniformed, gun toting morons.  She also painted them as enablers of felons and terrorists.

First, the clip from Couric's film: 

Next, the full audio reported by Gutowski on Wednesday, proving the interview was maliciously edited:

This wasn't a mistake, it was done on purpose. Over to you, Bearing Arms

Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Rather had a certain degree of deniability when his producers failed to do their due diligence and vet the so-called “Killian documents” for authenticity. It was a mistake, but still cost four people their jobs at CBS News and tarnished Rather’s lengthy and up until then, respected career.

Yahoo! News anchor and Under the Gun executive producer and narrator Katie Couric cannot off up any plausible deniability at all for her team’s decision to commit what is nothing more or less than fraud.

This project was Couric’s “baby,” and she was responsible for every aspect of the final cut of a heavily-biased documentary which now appears to contain blatant and intentional fraud designed to make the VCDL appear as if they didn’t have an answer to the interviewers questions, when they did indeed have an immediate, detailed, and rational response from three members of the group which went to so far as to cite law and Supreme Court decisions on prior restraint, pointing out the sort of “pre-crime” laws championed by gun control supporters is both Orwellian and blatantly unconstitutional.

Katie Couric’s “Gungate” was intentional, willful, and malicious fraud, and should in Couric’s immediate termination and her being treated as a pariah for the rest of her life.

Naturally, Couric didn't respond to Gutowski's request for comment. CNN's Brian Stelter is working on getting a statement from Couric and those promoting the film.

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