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Ryan Stresses Need to Protect Conservative Principles in Quest For Unity Around Trump

In his weekly address to reporters Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan recapped his much anticipated meeting with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. 

"We had a very encouraging meeting...I was very encouraged with what I heard from Donald Trump today," Ryan said, adding that he believes the seeds to unify the Republican Party have been planted, but repeatedly noted this is a process that takes time. "The question is, what does he need to do to unify the Republican Party and all strains of the Republican party." 


"Look, there are certain things we believe in as conservatives. We believe in limited government, we believe in the constitution," Ryan said. "It takes more than 45 minutes."

"Can we agree on common, core principles that unite us?" he added.

Ryan said he explained the importance of conservative principles surrounding the U.S. constitution, separation of powers, limited government and pro-life policies to Trump and noted he was receptive.

"This is a first, very encouraging meeting but again, this is a process," he continued. 

When asked to give specific details about what was discussed, Ryan said he prefers to keep the conversation with Trump private for the sake of building trust as they move forward. 

"Can we unify around our common principles to offer the country a compelling, clear choice and agenda? Yes," Ryan said. "This is a process, it takes time...I don't want us to have a fake unification process here."


Ryan also praised Trump for his record breaking vote numbers in the primary and for bring new voters into the party.

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