Hillary: Why Yes My Proposals Require a $1 Trillion Tax Hike

Posted: Apr 13, 2016 2:15 PM
Hillary: Why Yes My Proposals Require a $1 Trillion Tax Hike
Last week socialist Bernie Sanders sat down for an interview with the New York Daily News editorial board. This week, it was Hillary Clinton's turn.

When asked specifically about her tax policy and how she plans to pay for proposed infrastructure "investment," Clinton admitted her plan to pay for campaign proposals will require a $1 trillion tax hike over the next ten years. 

Daily News: So on taxes, that I did call for among other things, a surcharge on incomes over $5 million, 30% minimum, the Buffett rule, over a million...

Clinton: Over a million. Yeah, right.

Daily News: ...and then to carried interests, a change in capital gains that would reward people for holding for six years or more, I believe it is. How much revenue do you foresee coming off that and what will be the impact on growth?

Clinton: Well, I have connected up my proposals for the kind of investments I want to make with the taxes that I think have to be raised. So on individual pieces of my agenda, I try to demonstrate clearly that I have a way for paying for paid family leave, for example, for debt-free tuition. So I would spend about $100 billion a year. And I think it's affordable, and I think it's a smart way to make investments, to go back to our economic discussion, that will contribute to growing the economy.

Now I'm well aware that this is a heavy lift. I understand that. But I think connecting what I'm asking for to the programs, to the outcomes and results that I'm calling for give me a stronger hand, and that's how I'm going to go at it.

Daily News: So if I understand you correctly, if you look at your proposals for college costs and for family leave, for infrastructure investments...

Clinton: Well, that's a little bit different, because infrastructure investment, I'm still looking at how we fund the National Infrastructure Bank. It may be repatriation. That's one theory, or something else. It's about $100 billion a year.

Daily News: A hundred billion a year, so that comes out to about a trillion dollars...

Clinton: Over ten.

Daily News: ...over ten years.

This is the latest, expensive tax hike proposal from Clinton, who has a laundry list of tax hike proposals in her presidential campaign record on everything from the Second Amendment to middle class families. 

H/T Americans For Tax Reform