Donald Trump: No, 'I Don't Regret' Writing Checks to Hillary Clinton's Campaigns

Posted: Mar 28, 2016 8:20 PM

During an appearance on The O'Reilly Factor Monday night, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked by fill-in host Eric Bolling if he regrets writing checks to Hillary Clinton's political campaigns. After first dodging the question, the answer was no (bolding is mine). 

BOLLING: You've donated to Hillary Clinton in the past and she's been trashing you fairly heavily lately, do you regret donating to her prior campaigns, number one and number two, do you want her to give the money back or donate the money somewhere?

TRUMP: They call me a world class businessman. I built a great great company. I filed my papers and everybody's amazed at how big, how strong, how good it is, how little debt, the cash flow, the quality of the assets, iconic assets and this is what our country needs, they need this thinking. But as a business man that deals all over the world, you give. I mean this is very standard. You help people from Republicans to Democrats and I think it's very well accepted even within the Republican Party, that's why I'm leading by so much. 

BOLLING: Do you regret donating to her campaign, though?

TRUMP: I don't regret it, it's the way it is. When I was a businessman you get to everybody, you're friends with everybody, you get along with everybody and that's the way it is and when you're running for office and not in the world of business and you don't have to go all over the world and you don't need recommendations and other things it's different but when you're a businessman you give to everybody and keep everybody happy, everybody loves them. Maybe it's a good system and maybe it's not a good system but it's the system in which I was under and I thrived.

Trump donated thousands of dollars multiple times to Hillary Clinton's New York Senate race and 2008 presidential campaign.