Have a Question For The Presidential Candidates? Ask Here!

Posted: Feb 11, 2016 7:30 AM
Dear Townhall readers,

We've partnered with Change.org to bring you Conservatives Speak! This is a special project that allows you, the citizen, to submit questions to the presidential candidates for consideration. All you have to do is visit the Townhall Media/Change Politics webpage and submit your question. Candidates will answer five of the ten top-voted questions, curated by Townhall Media, plus one editor’s pick.

I submitted this question yesterday: As president, would you support National Reciprocity legislation to allow gun owners to exercise their rights in other states?

Here's a video about Change Politics: 

"Townhall Media is proud to partner with Change.org, as they launch their new Change Politics digital townhall platform this year. In cycles past, we've watched how technology revolutionizes the campaign trail and influences election outcomes, putting more power and information directly into the hands of American voters. Never before has the landscape been so shaped by almost instant dissemination and reaction through broadcast, digital and social media," VP & General Manager of Townhall Media Jonathan Garthwaite said about the project.  "We hope that through the combined reach of our audiences, as well as the Change.org community, we can close the gap between conservatives and their candidates, encourage helpful dialogue during a turbulent primary season and empower voters to ask the questions that matter most to the base."

The chance to submit your questions ends on February 19.