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LIVE BLOG: Battle in New Hampshire

8:03: Bernie Sanders is declared the winner of the Democrat (socialist) primary. Hillary Clinton conceded the race 30 minutes before it was called. 

"After splitting the first two contests, an outcome we've long anticipated, attention will inevitably focus on the next two of the 'early four states," Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook wrote in the memo.
"The nomination will very likely be won in March, not February, and we believe that Hillary Clinton is well positioned to build a strong – potentially insurmountable – delegate lead next month."

8:00: With 4 percent reporting, Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the New Hampshire primary.

7:42: Traffic to a polling place in Merrimack is atrocious. 

7:27: Video of the long lines:

7:25: There are long lines at a number of polling places around New Hampshire, both for registering and for voting, which isn't surprising since the Secretary of State predicted record turnout earlier today.

7:00: Majority of polls are officially closed and the vote totals are starting to roll in. You can follow live election results here. 6:45: Polling for the first-in-the nation primary closes in 15 minutes as voters anxiously await results.

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