WATCH: NRA's Chris Cox Responds to Obama's Gun Control "Town Hall"

Posted: Jan 08, 2016 2:15 PM

As you're probably aware, President Obama participated in a CNN "town hall" discussion last night at George Mason University. The National Rifle Association was invited to participate, but according to NRA-ILA Executive Vice President Chris Cox, the organization was told they would only be allowed to ask a single, pre-screened question. 

"Lets be clear here about what this is about. The President is trying to create an illusion that he's doing something to keep people safe. He needs to do that because the truth is his policies have failed miserably," Cox said Thursday night on The Kelly File. "Did we participate in CNN's event tonight? No we didn't. We were offered one, pre-screened question. Megyn, I know that you don't send your questions over to the White House so I'd rather have a conversation with you that's intellectually honest than sit through a lecture and get one opportunity to ask a pre-screened question."

"This president would have you believe that somehow we [NRA] don't care about keeping our kids safe. Gun owners in this country do more and the National Rifle Association does more to teach safety and responsible gun ownership than this president ever has and ever will," he said. 

The NRA has been repeatedly, unfairly lambasted and libeled by President Obama, by his administration and by his ignorant supporters for years. It is absolutely absurd to criticize the NRA for refusing to show up to a pre-programmed event with pre-screened questions for the President of the United States. 

I'll leave you with this.