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Obama Claims He "Believes in the Second Amendment" During Gun Control Executive Action Announcement

Speaking from the White House Tuesday, President Obama gave a long, rambling speech about gun control and eventually touched on his long awaited executive actions surrounding the issue. The White House released the details of his actions last night and you can find them here


During his remarks, President Obama claimed he is a believer in the Second Amendment and that we can reduce "gun-violence" while respecting constitutional rights. 

"I believe in the Second Amendment, it's written right there on the paper," Obama said.

But Obama's history shows otherwise. Not only did he go around Congress today to push his gun control agenda, an action the American people condemn on a variety of issues, he supports extreme gun control measures that are contrary to the Second Amendment according to the multiple Supreme Court rulings. A few examples: 

-Obama supports a ban on handguns.

-Obama has voted to ban common ammunition.

-Obama has repeatedly voted against self-defense rights.

-Obama has suggested in the past that gun dealers stop selling semi-automatic firearms (essentially all firearms). During his speech today, he praised dealers who have done so. 


-Obama believes in the "common-sense" gun laws of Australia and England, which required mass confiscation and gun bans. 

-Obama has been advocating for thousands of citizens to be stripped of their Second Amendment rights without due process for showing up on the extremely inaccurate, bloated and unreliable terror watch list.


President Obama never has been, and never will be, a believer in the Second Amendment.

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