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Unreal: Some Liberals Upset Photos of Murderous Female Jihadist Show Her Face

According to the family of Islamic terrorist Tashfeen Malik, who helped her husband Syed Rizwan Farook kill 14 people at a San Bernardino office Christmas party last week, Malik was very religious and covered her face with a burqa. Because of this, some liberal media outlets and personalities are outraged other media would dare to print Malik's photo without her face covered. 


MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry is one of them and was outraged after the New York Times ran Malik's photo on the front page in a story about terrorism. A producer from Al Jazeera tried to argue showing Malik's face was disrespectful to her family.

You can't make this up.


It should be noted that it took two days for the media to get their hands on a photo of Malik after the attack. 

When will they start selling the bumper sticker, "Tolerance for terrorists."

If the left doesn't want all Muslims to be tainted with the scourge of Islamic extremism, then they should stop defending Islamic extremists as Muslims.

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