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WATCH: Steffon Josey-Davis Talks About His Gun Charge Pardon

As reported earlier this week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie issued a pardon to aspiring police officer Steffon Josey-Davis after he was charged with a felony for accidentally transporting his legal handgun in his vehicle. Yesterday, Josey-Davis talked about the pardon and getting his life back.


The NAACP refused to help Josey-Davis with his appeal, but Governor Christie, the National Rifle Association, Gun Rights Across America and other groups, didn't.

"I feel great," Josey-Davis said. "I'd like to thank Governor Chris Christie for issuing the pardon, it's well appreciated. My family and I are very thankful for it and everybody else that's been supporting us have been very thankful and I wish him the best of luck if he runs for President. He has my vote."

Steffon-Josey plans to continue his pursuit of becoming a police officer in New Jersey now that the felony on his record has been wiped away.

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