Team Clinton Gears Up To Smear Author Peter Schweizer After Attacking His Credibility

Posted: Apr 24, 2015 9:00 AM
Team Clinton Gears Up To Smear Author Peter Schweizer After Attacking His Credibility

As the allegations against Hillary Clinton and her alleged trading of political favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation during her time at the State Department pile up, her team is gearing up to further go after Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer. 

As revelations in Clinton Cash were reported earlier this week by the New York Times, Reuters and Fox News, Hillary Clinton's campaign team hit the airwaves to push back, calling the allegations a "right-wing conspiracy." Clinton allies John Podesta, David Brock and Howard Dean have been on multiple national television shows not to deny the allegations, but to attack Schweizer. 

Clinton campaign:

“It is sad, but not surprising, that [the Clintons’] philanthropic work has become the subject of false, right-wing attacks,” Fallon writes in the note, which carries the subject line, “What We Already Know About ‘Clinton Cash’: Book and Author Attacking Hillary Clinton Widely Discredited.”

“These types of books are standard fare in political campaigns now, and this one is clearly part of a coordinated Republican strategy. But this is not the first work of partisan-fueled fiction about Hillary Clinton’s record, and we know it will not be the last."

Podesta: "He's [Schweizer] cherry-picked information that's been disclosed and woven a bunch of conspiracy theories about it. The facts, there's nothing new about. The conspiracy theories we'll get to judge when we read the book."

Brock: "The book isn't out yet and I haven't read it," Brock said and then went on to paint Schweizer as homophobic. 

Dean: "The author is getting money from donors -- big donors who support Ted Cruz. That has a problem."

Nina Bureleigh (reporter and woman who offered Bill Clinton oral sex so long as he keeps abortion legal): "I don't know how much time you have, but it's not good that these major newspapers had to farm out their investigative work to this right-wing hatchet man."

This is just the beginning. Smearing the sources of legitimate questions and those who expose wrongdoing is how the Clintons do business. The long-practiced Clinton tactic is to attack someone personally as a distraction so that all of the attention is placed on that person defending themselves, rather than focusing on the allegations against the Clintons themselves. 

Clinton Cash comes out on May 5.