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Yesterday was tax day 2015, did you get your return in on time? Did Obamacare make filing your return even more confusing and frustrating? IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is admitting that it probably did.


As Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte points out in the exchange above, Koskinen's claims budget cuts are harming the agency and causing longer wait times for taxpayers is disingenuous at best. The agency has used increases in funding to implement Obamacare, not to shorten wait times for hard working taxpayers doing their best to follow 70,000 pages of tax code. Further, while frustrated taxpayers wait to talk to bureaucrats, the agency has somehow found the time and resources to purchase millions of dollars in new office furniture and toys.

Speaking of increases, Koskinen, like millions of Americans, isn't quite sure how much the individual mandate in Obamacare will increase tax bills in coming years.

Keep working America.

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