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Ann Coulter's New Book is Here: How The Left Wants to Turn America Into a Third World Hell Hole

Conservative firebrand and staunch amnesty opponent Ann Coulter, author of ten New York Times bestsellers, has released the cover and title of new book: Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole

Ann Coulter is back, more fearless than ever. In Adios, America she touches the third rail in American politics, attacking the immigration issue head-on and flying in the face of La Raza, the Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants' crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their "charity," and greedy Republican businessmen and campaign consultants—all of whom are profiting handsomely from mass immigration that's tearing the country apart. Applying her trademark biting humor to the disaster that is U.S. immigration policy, Coulter proves that immigration is the most important issue facing America today.

Adios America is described as "a devastating expose of America’s immigration woes" which spares no one, including Republicans, from their responsibility in the chaos.

“We turn away astrophysicists in order to make room for illiterate Afghan peasants who will drop out of high school to man coffee carts until deciding to engage in jihad against us,” Coulter writes in the book. "Today's immigrants aren't coming here to breathe free, they're coming to live for free." 


Coulter takes on everything from race baiting groups like La Raza, border insecurity, the media shutting down debate in order to prevent "racism," vote scowling Democrats and crony Republican businessmen who all profit from illegal immigration. 

The book will be available June 1 and is ready for preorder now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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