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Ted Cruz on 2016: Conservatives Have To Win

Speaking to Fox News' Sean Hannity shortly after announcing his run for the White House at Liberty University Monday, Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz stressed the importance of a conservative win in 2016. 


"We have to win in November 2016. We can't have four or eight more years going down this road. The only way to win is to bring back to the polls the millions of conservatives who have been staying home. The millions of Christians. The millions of Reagan Democrats who have been staying home. As I look at the field I see a lot of good people that I like, who I respect, but I don't see a whole lot of candidates who I think can energize and mobilize the conservatives who stayed home 08' and 12'," Cruz said. "If we don't bring them back, Hillary Clinton's the next President." 

Cruz was on for the entire hour. You can watch another clip of the interview below.

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