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President Obama soared to victory in 2012 thanks in part to the bogus "war on women" narrative perpetuated by the left, claiming Republicans everywhere want to ban birth control and that the only way to success as a female in America is through government. 


The war on women narrative largely worked in 2012 thanks to a national, nonfactual and emotional campaign focused on low information, single issue female voters. As a reminder, it was ABC News anchor and former Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos who got the theme started during a 2012 GOP primary debate in New Hampshire, not Republicans themselves.

Despite badly losing on the war on women narrative in the 2014 midterms (where low information voters tend to stay home), Democrats are planning on bringing the theme back for the 2016 presidential election. More from Real Clear Politics

With the help of EMILY’s List, Democrats are already laying down markers on GOP candidates. This week, the group that supports pro-choice female Democratic candidates launched a new campaign that will document each time a Republican candidate “ignores, insults, or offends” American women. The “Insult & Injury” initiative, first shared with RealClearPolitics, includes digital advertising and graphics that can be shared via social media.

EMILY’s List argues it already has a good amount of material to work with, pointing to Rand Paul’s “shushing” of CNBC host Kelly Evans during a recent interview, and Mike Huckabee’s description of women who curse in the workplace as “trashy.”

But beyond those headlines, the group is focusing on the GOP candidates’ records on a variety of issues, including abortion, contraception access and pay equity. EMILY’s List is targeting Republican presidential candidates’ opposition to Planned Parenthood and/or their efforts to defund it, as well as their opposition to raising the federal minimum wage, which the group argues disproportionately affects women.

“Women and families need leaders who understand the challenges they face and take them seriously. They deserve better than the disrespectful words and harmful actions of the current Republican 2016 field,” said Communications Director Jess McIntosh in a statement.

Better be careful, Republicans, you might hurt feelings. Apparently EMILY's List thinks women just can't handle that

Get ready for another round of advertisements and statements from liberal politicians defining women by body parts and by the pills they take. Further, as the left has cried racism toward anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama, they'll be crying sexism as we begin to harshly and honestly criticize Hillary Clinton.

In the meantime, don't forget the left often publicly claims to treat and stand up for women in one way, but the reality of their behavior is very different. Will Ted Kennedy, who left a young woman to die in his car, be glorified again at the 2016 DNC convention as he was in 2012? Will Bill Clinton give  a keynote speech? Will Hillary Clinton come clean about her time at the State Department when the sexual abuse of young girls overseas was covered up? Will Democrats admit that they were against a woman's right to vote before hijacking the movement when it became politically convenient? Will progressives justify their decades long battle to get women enslaved to government, leading them into a life of less opportunity and prosperity? 

Before liberal groups like EMILY's list or Planned Parenthood start re-accusing Republicans of a war on women, they should take a close look at their own sordid history. If you want to arm yourself against this narrative with facts and history, be sure to read Assault and Flattery: The Truth About The Left and Their War on Women.


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