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Newspaper Editor Killed in Paris Refuted Islamic Intimidation: "I'd Rather Die Standing Than Live on My Knees"

Charlie Hebdo Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Stephane Charbonnier was killed today after Islamic terrorists stormed the newspaper's offices in Paris. This wasn't the first time the office came under attack after satirizing Islam and publishing cartoons depicting Mohammed. In 2011, the office was firebombed by Islamists as revenge for a cover mocking Sharia Law. In 2012, the office was threatened for publishing cartoons depicting Mohammed without clothing. The office has been guarded with security for years.


Regardless, Charbonnier refused to live in fear and proudly proclaimed, "I'd rather die standing than live on my knees" as Islamists threatened his life daily. He continued to publish satirical material about Islam. He was a staunch advocate for free speech and will continue to be an example of courage for journalists everywhere. 


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