EXCLUSIVE: Photos Show Drugs Pouring Over Southern Arizona Border as Agent Resources are Overwhelmed

Posted: Jul 08, 2014 12:00 PM

Border Patrol agents working in Arizona, California and Texas continue to be overwhelmed as thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America flood into the United States illegally. As a result, thousands of Border Patrol agents have been pulled off of patrolling the border and into processing facilities where they are making meals, changing bed sheets and babysitting.

"We have all of these juveniles so they're pulling agents out of the field to come in and babysit them basically," a source said last month. "They're cancelling some of our specialty details for our crews who go out and work the mountains, calling them back in and telling them they have to work the processing center because there are so many people in there."

The following photos obtained by Townhall and dated July 3 and 6, were taken 30 miles north of the border in Southeastern Arizona. They show professional, organized and skilled drug smugglers wearing packs of drugs weighing 50 pounds each. These men use scouts to map our their trails and travel routes. They are considered dangerous and are operating without impunity as agents continue to be overwhelmed with paper work in warehouses.