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Democrats Now Calling Benghazi Select Committee a 'Kangaroo Court'

"Political." "Political stunt." "Witch hunt." "Kangaroo court." Those are the names Democrats are using to describe a Benghazi select committee investigation before it has even begun. Over the weekend, Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy debated Democrat Rep. Xavier Beccera on Fox News Sunday about whether the new investigation will lead to any new answers.

Beccera argued the investigation could become a "kangaroo court" and was asked by host Chris Wallace if all the questions about Benghazi had been answered, including a question about where President Obama was the night of the attack. He could not give a direct response to that question. Beccera also argued he didn't want Democrats to be excluded by Republicans in the investigation, but at this point, Democrats are excluding themselves by refusing to participate.

As the head of the select committee Gowdy said that from day one he has wanted to "transcend politics and to inspire trust in you (Baccera) and our fellow citizens."

Democrats are calling the select committee "political" and a "kangaroo court" in an effort to discredit the investigation before it has even begun. Again, at what point did investigating a terror attack that left four Americans dead become a partisan issue? Democrats obstructing the investigation should be ashamed of themselves. You can be sure their Benghazi temper tantrums won't be ending anytime soon.

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