Again: Reporter Caught on Hot Mic Dissing Romney Before Event

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Oct 30, 2012 2:20 PM

We've been through this before, but here we are again. An "objective" reporter was caught on a hot mic today before a Romney event saying, "40 percent chance he'll [Romney] say something stupid." The Huffington Post's Jon Ward posted the following on his Twitter feed:


No surprise, the reporter caught on the feed was Buzz Feed's McKay Coppins. At least he was willing to fess up. Notice him trying to cover for his comments by applauding Romney for the way he handled the event.


Yes, we are seven days from Election Day and this is how reporters are covering the news. As I said above, this is nothing new. Just a month and a half ago, multiple reporters were caught on a hot mic planning a gotcha question attack on Romney just before he gave a press conference about the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In case you're wondering, President Obama still hasn't answered questions from the press about what happened in Benghazi or Egypt on that day.

The Right Scoop reports that unnamed mainstream media journalists were caught on a live mic coordinating hostile questions for Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney before his press conference today on the U.S. embassy attacks.

Their goal was to make sure that no question would address the substance of the crisis but instead put Romney on the defensive about made-up mistakes in his criticism of President Obama.

In the event, six out of the seven questions were almost exactly the same, all questioning Romney for his supposed mistake. (Romney handled the questions very well.)

And then of course, we saw the press cheering for President Obama when he made jabs at Mitt Romney during the presidential debate in New York two weeks ago.

The room set aside for reporters to watch Tuesday night's debate erupted into applause after President Obama ridiculed the size of Mitt Romney's personal wealth.

Mr. Romney was trying to make the point that both his and Mr. Obama's investment funds probably include investments in China — something the president has attacked Mr. Romney for.

"Mr. President, have you looked at your pension?" Mr. Romney said.

"You know, I don't look at my pension. It's not as big as yours, so it — it doesn't take as long," Mr. Obama retorted. His reply prompted laughter in the debate hall where the two men were squaring off — but across the way in the separate room where the press was stationed, a brief round of applause broke out.

Don't trust the "mainstream media?" You shouldn't.