Want to Stop Voter Fraud? Join True The Vote on April 28

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Apr 13, 2012 7:00 AM

For the past few months, you've seen stories about dead Democrats voting in New Hampshire, a white man voting on Attorney General Eric Holder's ballot in Washington D.C. and that same attorney general suing state after state over common sense voter i.d. laws.



The bottom line: Voter fraud is a major problem and corrupts the electoral process. The good news? You can stop it. On April 28, 2012, True the Vote, an organization dedicated to stopping voter fraud and restoring the integrity of our elections, will be hosting a summit and training session in Houston, Texas.

Training will be conducted by experts on voter fraud including DOJ whistleblower and author of Injustice Christian Adams, author of Stealing Elections John Fund, ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief and more.

Here are the details:


Voter fraud can be stopped, but not without the help of volunteers and citizen watchdogs. Tickets are still available.