Obama Advisor Attacks Cancer Survivor, Mother, Grandmother Ann Romney

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Apr 12, 2012 7:31 AM

There's a war on women going on alright. Last week, I predicted the Left's next attack would land on Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney. Turns out I was right. Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 last night, DNC and Obama advisor Hilary Rosen claimed Ann Romney had never "worked a day in her life," dismissing her work to raise five healthy children. In case you're wondering, stay at home moms are worth at least $500,000 per year.

The attack was predictible because Ann Romney is capable of connecting to women on a very personal level. She's a breast cancer survivor, lives with multiple sclerosis, raised five children, has 16 grandchildren and has been happily and faithfully married to a successful businessman for 42 years. No wonder the Left sees her as a a threat, especially the feminist Left, who have been pushing women away from and demonizing motherhood for decades. Not to mention, Ann Romney is a fighter. She created a Twitter account last night to respond to Rosen's attacks. Romney's son also jumped to defend his mom. Twitchy has more reaction.



So how did Rosen respond to Romney's sudden appearance on Twitter? Awkwardly while she doubled down on her attacks.


Rosen implies Ann Romney isn't a qualified expert on women and the economy, but somehow "inside the Beltway looking out" Rosen is qualified? Please. Conservatives respect a woman's decision to choose a career, motherhood or both. Liberal feminists on the other hand see choosing motherhood over a career as a sin. Not to mention, maybe if liberals weren't always demonizing and punishing success, raising children and having a career wouldn't be as hard as they like to complain about. It is hard, but would be easier without liberal policies holding women and families back.

Also, First Lady Michelle Obama has made herself an "expert" by trying to reach out to military families when neither she nor her husband Barack Obama ever served in the military. Where is Rosen on that?