Voter Fraud: Someone Uses Eric Holder's Ballot in Washington D.C.

Posted: Apr 09, 2012 1:00 PM

If you think dead Democrats voting in New Hampshire was bad, you're in for yet another surprise when comes to what happens in America's polling places on election day. Project Veritas has struck again, bringing us the most damning evidence yet that voter i.d. laws are absolutlely necessary to keep our elections clean and our Republic intact. In the latest video, a young man is shown going to a Washington D.C. polling place. He asks for Attorney General Eric Holder's ballot and is allowed to vote under Holder's name without having to show identification. Holder and the Obama Administration as a whole, is a rabid opponent of voter i.d. laws and is suing many states, including Texas, for their efforts to stop election fraud. Holder has also targeted voter integrity groups like True The Vote for their efforts to enforce voter i.d. laws.


What do you have to say now, Holder?