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Progress: States Have Cut Thousands of Government Jobs

As if we needed another reason why states should have more power while the federal government should have less, the latest government employee numbers at the state level are down by 80,000 since the recession started, whereas the federal government has added 110,000 government jobs since 2009.


State governments across the country have cut more than 80,000 jobs since the beginning of the recession, reflecting steep drops in tax revenue and providing a drag on the economies in many parts of the country, the Associated Press has found.

Data collected by AP reporters in all 50 states show the number of government employees has declined along with per-capita general fund spending. The national average of state employees per 1,000 people has dropped from 8.1 to 7.6, thanks to layoffs and hiring freezes since the 2007-08 budget year.

The cost of federal employees will only continue to rise with the implementation of ObamaCare. Always remember: new regulations mean new government employees to enforce them, which puts taxpayers on the hook for another retirement pension and healthcare package.

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