Ft. Hood Shooting Classified As "Work Place Violence"

Posted: Dec 07, 2011 2:22 PM

Political correctness leads to people being killed, and the Ft. Hood shooting is a perfect example. Back in March, the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing about the radicalization of Muslim-Americans. By the end the hearing the conclusion about given testimony that day was clear: political correctness is fueling the radical Islam problem in America, not fixing it.

When we look at the problem of radicalization, the excuses will never run out,” Dr. Jasser, founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy said. “It seems to me that Americans are sitting around doing nothing to combat extremists.”

Jasser stressed the need to combat radicalism, saying the issue is a moral one that Muslims must take on and fix. He added that violence is the last step in radicalization and that American Muslims are failing to address, observe and report those they see taking steps toward radicalization in a productive, proactive way that provides solutions moving forward. Jasser compared radicalism in Islam to a cancer, and said if American Muslims are going to fix the problem, they have to be able to talk about it openly and attack it from all angles. When asked about his view on CAIR, Jasser said the organization promotes a victim mentality rather than a corporative attitude within the American Muslim community.

“We have a problem internally,” Jasser said. “We must awaken the silent Muslim majority.”

Melvin Bledsoe, father of Carlos Leon Bledsoe of Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, the man convicted of killing U.S. Army Private William Long and wounding Private Quinton Ezeagwula outside of a military recruitment center in Little Rock, Arkansas after going through the radicalization process, had a similar message to Jasser.

Bledsoe gave a detailed description of his son’s decline into radical-Islam, adding that political correctness will not stop radical extremists from countries like Yemen and terrorist organizations from recruiting vulnerable young men in America.

But the Obama Administration still doesn't get it, and have classified the Ft. Hood shooting carried out by Islamist Nadal Malik Hasan that left 13 people dead and 29 others wounded as "work place violence." Remember, before the shooting there were warning signs that Hasan may do something violent in the name of Islam. He passed out cards to neighbors that said, "praise Allah," and had expressed opposition to the war in Afghanistan because the enemy shared his faith.

Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday blasted the Defense Department for classifying the Fort Hood massacre as workplace violence and suggested political correctness is being placed above the security of the nation's Armed Forces at home.

During a joint session of the Senate and House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, the Maine Republican referenced a letter from the Defense Department depicting the Fort Hood shootings as workplace violence. She criticized the Obama administration for failing to identify the threat as radical Islam.