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Harry Reid Doesn't Think Regulations Slow Economic Growth

This is what we call: ObamaNomics or LibNomics.

Yesterday on the Senate Floor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid slammed Republicans for daring to claim regulations kill jobs and stifle the economy.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday bashed Republicans’ persistent focus on slashing regulations as a way to improve the economy.

“My Republican friends are yet to bring a single piece of evidence that the regulations they hate so much have the economic harm they claim,” said Reid from the floor. “That’s because there isn’t any."

Reality check: Regulations cost money, therefore, when businesses have to pay more money to comply with regulations, they have less money to pay a salary or wage, meaning the creation of less jobs, leading to less economic growth. It really isn't a hard concept to understand, but liberals just can't seem to get it.

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