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CEO Peter Schiff to Occupy Wall Street: I'm Picking Up the Slack For All of You

Peter Schiff is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, making him part of the "1 percent." He recently went down to Occupy Wall Street to confront protesters who don't think he is paying his "fair share" in taxes. Schiff points out not only is he paying more taxes than his secretary, but he also gave her a job. He also makes it clear that because he is part of the 1 percent in this country and therefore paying more taxes, he is "picking up the slack" of the 99 percent. With recent reports of rape, burglary, assault and calls to "eat the rich" at OWS, Schiff made a pretty brave move by confronting these people.  




If you're interested in more of what Schiff has to say, head over to Townhall Finance, where he is a contributer.

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