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Liberals Are Protesting Obama, Why Aren't They Called Racist?

The Left is protesting Obama too, so PJTV's Alfonzo Rachel is wondering, why aren't they being accused of racism as the tea party has been for protesting Obama's big government policies?  Zo absolutely nails the Left to the wall with their hypocrisy in the following video. Not only does he stump lefty protestors he interviews with simple questions based on their own accusations about the tea party, but he points out that the Left refuses to see the truth, even when it is literally standing in front of them. The entire video is worth your time.


President Obama recently held a fundraiser at the House of Blues in California. But the Rockstar-in-Chief was met with furious liberal protesters. Does that mean they are racist? What makes a liberal protest any different than the Tea Party? Alfonzo Rachel investigates in the latest ZoNation.

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