Garafalo: Herman Cain Being Paid to Run for President, is Self Loathing

Posted: Aug 18, 2011 1:47 PM

Before reading the remainder of this post, watch this:


Janeane Garafalo is at it again. This time, she's taking shots at Presidential Candidate Herman Cain for being black and republican.  She thinks he hates himself, has "Stockhom syndrome" for believing in smaller government and individual opportunity and that he is being paid to run for President to distract from "the obvious racism in the republican party." Garafalo, also thinks that I as a woman, hate myself and that I have a self loathing problem, because I fall on the conservative side of the political spectrum. I've got news for her: I don't hate myself, and neither does Herman Cain.

"The tea party is so obviously racist."

"How could it not exist when there is a black president."

Communications Director for Friends of Herman Cain Ellen Carmichael tells Townhall:

"Ms. Garofalo's behavior appeals to the least of us: those that revel in low comedy rooted in race-baiting and histrionics. In case the American people needed any additional reason to doubt the breadth of Ms. Garofalo's political repertoire, she provided us with yet another reminder of her mindless and meaningless world view."

Remember this little gem? 


I suggest Ms. Garafalo educate herself on Herman Cain, she can start by watching the video at the beginning of this post. Garafalo thinks blacks should act like victims, Cain does not.

AlfonZo Rachel (another self loathing black man! gasp) completely destroys the argument made by the left on the race issue.

H/T Erika Johnsen