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Texas: A Perfect Example of Climate Change

Yes, climate change is real. The climate has been changing since the beginning of Earth. Apparently, Texas used to be attached to Antarctica.

Texas and sub-zero Antarctica were linked 1.1 billion years ago, long before the supercontinent Pangaea formed, scientists said Monday.

Rocks collected in a mountain range in West Texas have the exact same composition of lead isotopes as those from Coats Land in Antarctica, a remote part of the Antarctic continent south of the Atlantic Ocean basin, said Staci Loewy, a geochemist at California State University, Bakersfield. Both were once part of a supercontinent that existed long before the famed Pangea -- a giant, early land mass called Rodina, she said.


The forecast for Texas today? Hot. Not like Antarctica. Quite the change!




 Get over it, Al Gore.

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