Tea Party Patriots: Washington Suffers From Muddled Thinking

Posted: Aug 08, 2011 1:03 PM

Over the weekend Helen reported that democrats, including David Axelrod and Senator John Carry. are blaming the S&P downgrade of the U.S. economy on the tea party. Now, the Tea Party Patriots are fighting back, saying the downgrade is a result of failed leadership and runaway government spending in Washington D.C. 

Over the weekend, the U.S. Treasury Department disputed the S&P decision, saying that there was “no justifiable rationale” for downgrading the nation’s credit rating.

“If overspending America to the brink of bankruptcy is ‘no justifiable rationale’ for downgrading a credit rating, then what is?” asked Mark Meckler, National Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots.  “Clearly this government still doesn’t get it.  Even the communist Chinese get it.”

An editorial in the state-run Xinhua newswire on Saturday slammed America for its “mounting debts,” saying that Beijing “has every right now to demand the United States to address its structural debt problems” and that “all Americans, both beltway politicians and those on Main Street, have to do some serious soul-searching to bring their country back from a potential financial abyss.”

“When Washington DC gets slammed from the right by communists, you know we have a problem with our leadership,” said Meckler.  “Their muddled thinking comes from a lack of leadership that has failed to face our debt problems or corral overspending.”
Standard and Poor’s has signaled that they could further cut America’s credit rating down to AA within two years if America fails to get its fiscal house in order.

“This is a self-inflicted wound on the American Dream,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots.  “Not just on us, but on future generations of Americans.
“In times of crisis, great leaders take responsibility,” continued Martin.  “So, who will take responsibility for our nation’s debt and overspending? Which leaders will step up and say ‘the buck stops here?’  Who is willing to tell the truth to the American people?

“We’re waiting.”