Sen. Sessions Defends Tea Party

Posted: Aug 02, 2011 11:57 AM

Every time Piers Morgan expresses his anti-Second Amendment and Anti-tea party views, I always say he's just bitter about a little thing called the American Revolution, but I digress.

Since it's debut in early 2009, the tea party has been unfairly berated and smeared by the media and liberals in Congress. Nancy Pelosi called tea party activists "astro-turf," members of the msm media have called them "racist" and "extremists," and as Guy reported yesterday, the Vice President of the United States is now referring to them as "acting like terrorists."

Senator Sessions defended tea party principles last night on CNN.

"I think the tea party movement represented a spontaneous American expression of shock and concern over the spending that was going on in Washington. We cannot possibly justify members of Congress borrowing 42 cents of every dollar that is spent. This is irresponsible and they demanded change and elected a lot of new people. They've been called terrorists. I would just say they put some terror in the hearts of big spenders. They are people who care about America and I think have helped move us to a discussion of how much we can spend to how much we can save."