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Salem radio host and Townhall columnist Hugh Hewitt has pointed out on his website that the public has been left in the dark for weeks when it comes to specific details and negotiations on a debt deal between the White House and Congress and says it is time for both Boehner and Obama to expose what has been going on behind closed doors so Americans can cut through the blame game.


President Obama and Speaker Boehner have been negotiating in public for weeks, but the public has been kept in the dark.  Now both are accusing the other of unfairly presenting the facts, so it is time --long past time, in fact-- for the two men to show their hands to the public.  Neither should our Representatives be kept in the dark any longer.

What does the president propose to cut and by how much?  What taxes does he propose to raise or deductions curtail or end, and what revenues does he predict will materialize as a result?

What are the $800 billion in new revenues the Speaker offered up?  (This is a shocking number and unwise concession by the Speaker, and it may represent an enormous breach with the Pledge to America. The Speaker would be greatly served by putting these details out asap before anger on the right grows.)

"I'm not going to negotiate in public" has been the president's mantra, and it is simple code for "the public won't support what I am proposing."  The president has bluffed, cajoled and filibustered his way through a month of closed door theatrics with the assistance of a compliant MSM, and the public is weary to the bone with the Community Organizer in Chief.  His petulance, self-regard and overbearing ego combines into an unprecedented persona that is both ludicrous and also alarming in that he may truly be as clueless about the economy as he often sounds.

Whatever John Boehner was thinking when he engaged in this doomed charade should be well and truly smashed up by now, and the Speaker should insist on everything in writing or there is nothing to talk about.  "Fool me once" etc. The GOP Caucus as well must stand up and demand the details.  They were not sent to D.C. to attend and applaud at the usual Beltway operas.

Put out all the details of any proposed deal and let the public see and let the public "score" the consequences. 



Hewitt has a good point. The debt debate has turned into a "he said, she said" circus while observers feel nothing is getting done outside of business as usual in Washington D.C. The people have a right to know what all the fuss is about and exposing details of proposed plans and negotiations could even help either the President or Boehner make a stronger case for their position and bring us closer to a deal before the Aug. 2 deadline.

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