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Bachmann Raises $4.5 Million In Three Weeks

GOP Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann has released her fundraising totals for the second-quarter.

Michele Bachmann's spokeswoman Alice Stewart confirms that the congresswoman is reporting raising $4.2 million for the second fundraising quarter, including the $2 million House transfer.


Not a bad showing for three weeks of official campaigning. Bachmann falls below Mitt Romney and Ron Paul but is tied with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty while barely edging out Jon Huntsman and nearly doubling fellow tea party candidate Herman Cain for totals, keeping in mind Romney, Paul, Cain and Pawlenty have been campaigning substantially longer than Bachmann and that Bachmann has higher name recognition than Cain.

Mitt Romney: $18.3 million

Ron Paul: $4.5 million

Michelle Bachmann: $4.2

Tim Pawlenty: $4.2 million

Jon Huntsman: $4.1 million

Herman Cain: $2.4 million

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