The Chris and Katie Project: Episode 5

Posted: May 05, 2011 5:20 PM
Get your pre-weekend fix right here, right now.

Being an American incites terrorists to commit violence, embrace it.

Topics for your enjoyment:
*Victory lap!
*Sorry we're not sorry about killing Bin Laden
*We love Navy SEALS
*Chris reflects being at the Capitol on 9/11
*Guess What? Waterboarding worked....
*Michelle Obama does the dougie
*Nanny state update! A reversal
*Release the photo, we can handle it
*Hearing American voices of death
*We actually were proud of Obama
*White House totally botching the post-game Geronimo operation
*Stop talking to us like we're five-year-olds
*Who's offended this time?
*A special message for a liberal listener
*and more