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A Picture of Two Americas: Tea Party vs. Open Border Activists

Over the weekend tea party rallies were held all over the country. One of those rallies was held in Phoenix, Ariz. where open-border and pro-illegal immigration activists decided to disrupt the event by screaming in Spanish through the National Anthem and the opening prayer.  Not surprisingly, the open border crowd was flying the Mexican flag and yelling "Arizona Pura Basura" or "Arizona is pure trash," in addition to waving signs calling State Senator Russell Pearce, co-sponsor of SB 1070, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio racist fascists.

The photos below were taken on a cell phone and show the stark contrast between the two groups.



A young open-border activist flies the Mexican Flag in front of the Arizona State Capitol during the April 15 tea party rally.


An open-border activist uses her mega-phone to yell "Arizona Pura Basura."


A tea party activist shows the open-border crowd that she earned her citizenship.

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