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Easy Bake Oven Under Attack

The original pink Easy Bake Oven, enjoyed and used by many children (and adults) to bake yummy treats, has been retired after government green-bots demand incandescent light bulbs be outlawed by the year 2012.


In the original oven,  the heat from a 100-watt light bulb was used to cook delicious things like brownies and cookies, but now because of a ban on incadescent light bulbs, kiddies using the toy will have to install lame "eco-friendly," easily breakable, mercury filled light bulbs to cook instead.

So let me get this straight, government officials want children cooking with light bulbs filled with Mercury. Placing Mercury filled bulbs near food to be consumed by children....

Conspiracy theory: This has to be the work of Michelle Obama to keep sweet desserts out of the hands of children as her war on obesity through government regulation continues (note the smaller portion sizes of the new and improved version)  Also, NOW could be behind this, as they most likely see the pink Easy Bake Oven as sexist and designed to keep women barefoot and in the kitchen. (note the new neutralish purple color)


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