ObamaCare Propaganda Posters

Posted: Sep 24, 2010 12:45 PM
Here at Townhall.com we have added an additional poster to our massive wall of government propaganda and regulations (and we are just a website and magazine!).


The newest edition is the “Employee Notice: Health Care Reform Key Provisions That Take Effect in 2010 & 2011.” A list of 21 things the government claims will benefit you. They fail to list the things that will harm you, which far outweigh the benefits of ObamaCare including private insurance premiums going up, insurers dropping plans, health care rationing and massive deficit spending to name a few.

Not only is our office (and thousands across the country) mandated or highly encouraged by the government to post things like this, we have to pay for them. This poster cost us $24.95. Another unnecessary business expense from the government. Shouldn’t the massive amount of taxes businesses pay each year at least cover government mandated posters?


My favorite "benefits" are the following:

6. Free Preventive Care Under Medicare
11. Free Preventive Care Under New Private Plans
13. Ensures Value for Premium Payments
18. Holds Insurance Companies Accountable for Unjustified Rate Hikes

Economics 101: There is no such thing as free lunch. Does this $1 trillion dollar health care reform plan sound free to you?

This week alone many companies told employees their private insurance premiums would be going up, not down due to the implementation of ObamaCare. Where can we hold the government accountable for unjustified rate hikes? Americans are already paying for ObamaCare through a massive hike in taxes and now in addition they are paying for the plan through their premiums.

In retaliation of ObamaCare, we celebrated by eating non-Michelle Obama approved cupcakes for breakfast.