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Evening Edition

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown take a look at the hypocritical actions of TLC regarding the show "Jon and Katie Plus 8," and how the controversy and negative attention affects their children. 

One big question is, what are the psychological effects on the children and how will it affect their childhood in general? Emotional family members plead with America to stop watching the show, to stop endorsing the exploitation of these innocent children.

Cliff May addresses the issue of denying genocide, and how future and current genocide cannot be stopped or prevented with simple diplomacy, particularily in Iran, Darfur and other parts of Africa. 

Holocaust denial is not a problem simply because some people choose to falsify history. Holocaust denial is a problem because some people want those who committed genocide in the past exonerated - the better for those planning genocide in the present and future.

Michael Tanner describes in detail options on how "Obama Care" will be paid for and inevitably the solutions seem to add up to more and more taxes. 

In short, there appears to be no way to pay for President Obama’s massive intervention into the American health care system without breaking the president’s promise not to raise taxes on the middle class.

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