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Yes, Virginia, There is Support for McCain

One retired man--a Democrat and a former Marine--stopped to talk to me this morning outside a polling location in Alexandria, Va. He explained to me that he voted for McCain after researching both candidates, and said he liked McCain's education plans better than Obama's. He hates the war, but more than that, he hates the politicians who have flip-flopped based on what's popular at the time and said that the people who liken American troops to murderers make him sick. He even offered to buy me a cup of coffee to thank me for volunteering.

I spoke with his wife, too, when she voted earlier this morning. She had supported Hillary Clinton in the primary, moved to support for McCain for awhile out of a little anger and, in the end, decided to support Obama. Both of them have been lifelong civil servants, both within and outside of the military.

Katie Favazza is an editorial consultant who also blogs at and

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