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Michigan, New Hampshire Called for Obama

At the last minute, it looked like Michigan could be in play for Mitt Romney, but shortly its polls closed, several major news outlets called it for President Obama. However, it's a far cry from the president's 16-point win 2008 -- at time of posting, and with 18% of precincts reporting, he was holding a narrow 51% to 48% lead. It's a tough loss for Romney, as this was the state where he was born and raised, and where his father, George, was a rather popular governor. Michigan's ballot proposals, however -- which would have been major victories for organized labor -- are all poised for defeat.


Romney also faced a disappointing loss in New Hampshire, the state where he both launched and concluded his campaign: it was called for Obama shortly after 10PM. This wasn't a wholly surprising result, but the four electoral votes would have helped Romney, as the race is so tight elsewhere. With 22% of precincts reporting, Obama held a 54%-44% lead.

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