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VIDEO: Live from DC, it's Occupy Wall Street!

I've been writing on the Occupy Wall Street movement for a few weeks now, highlighting their crazy demands, anarchic structure, and general delusional idiocy. But I got to thinking, maybe I've been unfair. Perhaps these hoards of protesters really are hoping to implement lasting change into our political system. Perhaps we're stereotyping them based on footage of the especially outlandish ones that news outlets seek out for shock value. Perhaps they really are reasonable, concerned citizens just exercising their first amendment rights to raise awareness about legitimate issues.


So in the spirit of the fairness that these protesters hold so dear, I took a video camera and some interns down to Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC last Thursday to get a real sense of who the Occupiers are and what they really want.

And I discovered something important.

We'd been right all along.

Check out the highlights from my afternoon at Occupy DC, but be warned. You will lose all faith in our education system...that is, if you had any to begin with:

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