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Iraqi Prime Minister Says Obama Abandoned His Country, ISIS Nearly Defeated

During an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi slammed Barack Obama for his failure to handle ISIS and predicted that Iraq will defeat the Islamic terror group “within weeks."

“He just wanted just to forget Iraq,” the prime minister said of Obama's strategy during the Arab spring. “I mean, slaughtering people. There was a lot of pressure on President Obama."

Nonetheless, al-Abadi did say that Iraqi forces are defeating ISIS, possibly removing the terror group completely within a few weeks.

“We are defeating them militarily,” he said. “As a terrorist organization … they will try. So that's where we need the efforts of others. Flush them out of Syria and other places.”

President Donald Trump met with al-Abadi on Friday at the White House.  The pair talked about increased efforts from the United States to help the Iraqi people.

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